Icelandic jaw-dropping landscapes by Lizzy Gadd…:-)

Some of you who have stopped over my playground these past years know that I’m an Iceland-addicted gal… ❤ I’ve been to the “land of glaciers” 3 times, as I fell in love with this amazing country of fire and ice from my very first visit, and still look forward to returning there asap… 🙂 I’ve run into another Iceland-fan and free spirit, Elizabeth Gadd aka Lizzy who’s a young photographer, based in Vancouver, Canada. She enjoys travelling, creating, dark chocolate, and always looking for beauty in the world, hence, she’s also fallen in love with Iceland – just like me… 🙂 Lizzy in her red dress or the art of being herself… 🙂 more @

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well, I’m on the same wavelength with Lizzy:“These landscapes are some of the most incredible I’ve ever seen… it really struck me how many different sceneries all fit into this one magical place. Their diversity and weather alike had me hooked from the start, each one beautiful in its own unique form. As for my red dress, it’s a bright color to stand out against the Icelandic backdrops, but more something of a reflection of my thoughts as of late. I’m completely and utterly in love with Iceland, I’m so ready to return to this wonderfully strange realm right about now!” 🙂
* * *
have a bright Monday and a warm-hearted week, guys! 🙂


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  1. Indeed jaw-dropping pictures!

  2. Spectacular scenery, Melanie. Lizzy and her red dress really add a nice touch to her photographs. Leslie

  3. Those are exquisite. I can see why you love it. The first photo is a perfect foil for the red dress. Thanks!

  4. C’est beau, spectaculaire, même mais cela demande une petite laine et je suis frileuse… Bonne soirée, Mo

  5. These are stunning photos! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. The red dress and the incredible scenery— absolutely made for each other. Beautiful. –Curt

  7. OH WOW… Thank you, Melanie for sharing Lizzy’s amazing photos – Just stunning… Wishing you a beautiful week and many more happy times in Iceland… ❤ Hugs and Love, Sue

  8. Beyond my fragile words…

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