“Creativity requires courage.”(Henri Matisse)

I’ve recently come across Ariel Adkins – an American noteworthy designer: she has created a collection of hand-painted, art-inspired clothing. Playfully composed of colorful and custom-made garments, directly inspired by some of her favorite artists: first of all Matisse, whose statement “Creativity requires courage.” has become her “creed”, then Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Yayoi Kusama, David Chihuly, Mucha, etc… She’s always had a deep love of visual art and to her, translating her inspiration into personal style is the ultimate stamp of approval. I’ve chosen some of her art masterpieces – fashion and perfect match outfits… more @ https://www.instagram.com/artfullyawear/

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WHY did she choose this way of expression? – here’s her moving explanation:

“I started to paint in 2010, after I lost my mother to cancer. Her creativity was my biggest inspiration, and dressing-up like artwork became a means of recording her influence in my life; a project that has helped me to channel my grief into colorful expression. I’m eternally grateful to my mother for nurturing my creativity and teaching me about inspiration through art, and I couldn’t be more fulfilled to know that her masterpiece lives on not only in me, but now also in others. The switch to making my clothing gave me so much more freedom of expression, and simultaneously launched me on an obsessive path to understand and emulate the techniques of the artists whose work inspired me.”


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  1. Very impressive designs Melanie, I do like the way she has used the artists works to make a virtual living impression, they are quite exceptional.

  2. Impressive, Melanie. I really like the clothing base on art. Thanks. –Curt

  3. What an interesting way to deal with grief. You can really see the healing aspects to it. Thank you Melanie, for introducing us to Ariel Adkins and her work.

  4. What a moving tribute! Art has so many forms of creative expression. Beautiful!

  5. Melanie, what an amazing post. I love it. That is such a creative and innovative idea. Hope you are doing well, and please have a lovely weekend. 🙂 ❤

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