“Methinks my own soul must be a bright invisible green.”(Henry David Thoreau)

I’ve exposed my soul to all the shades of green offered by Lady Nature for years, and I’ve always experienced its positive vibes. It may be a ‘synesthesia’ – from the Greek ‘syn’=>’together’ and ‘esthesis’=>’sensation’, phenomenon by which one can see shapes, listening to music, or perceive colors by noticing letters, as in Arthur Rimbaud’s famous poem “Vowels”:”A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue…” As soon as I hear the word “green”, plenty of thoughts and memories invade my mind: the smell of the freshly cut grass and the azure blue sky of springtime, the chilliness of my countryside strolls, and the Icelandic or Hawaiian hikes through their raw-green realm. It’s been already proven that contact with nature, in general, and GREEN in particular, facilitates mental recovery after complex tasks, and does improve vigilance, attention, memory…

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Aristotle’s encouragement “sequi naturam!”(follow the nature!) still represents a true remedy of well-being that some call “vitamin G”(G for ‘green’!) Unfortunately, these past years, the decline of the link with nature has been the current ‘fate’ of most inhabitants of the planet, and according to recent statistics, more than 1 human in 2 is a city dweller, and this figure is increasing. About 80% of the Western people have chosen ‘screen time against green time’, giving up Nature. I’ve re-read Henry David Thoreau’s “Journal” these days, where the great philosopher and the naturalist poet stated:”No man has ever imagined how much the dialogue with the surrounding nature affects his health or his ills. We can never have enough of Nature.”
* * *
BTW, when have you last walked and spent time in nature – to rediscover, to savor, and enjoy its green?…


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  1. Fifty “shades of green”? Pardon, je n’ai pas pu m’en empêcher… 😉 Bonne semaine à toi, Mo

  2. At this time of year there are so many hues of green – from the very light to the darker shades.

  3. I love the reflections in the canal(?)…

  4. So many greens – such balm to my soul!

  5. Beautiful. I love vitamin G!

  6. We truly do need lots of vitamin G, Melanie.

    • yes, indeed, Miss Tish, as our health comes first… LIFE is made of daily choices and decisions, therefore, we need to be aware of our priorities and emergencies… 🙂

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