bon appétit & cheers from Collioure!:-)

after Port-Vendres and Banyuls, once again in pittoresque Collioure where I go twice/year:
* * *
N.B. if you ever drive from Toulouse, down to Barcelona, Spain, I highly recommend a stop-over @ Collioure, to have a yummy lunch or dinner @ “Le Trémail” – served with local red, “rosé” or white wines… bon appétit & cheers! 🙂

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– marinated anchovies with grilled red peppers, olive oil, garlic and parsley;
– grilled sea bream and red mullets with mashed carrots and zucchini;
– Mediterranean “bouillabaisse”: fish, seafood and potatoes, cooked in white wine and herbs;
– vanilla “floating island” with almond chips…
* * *
have a delightful Sunday and a charming week, folks! 🙂


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  1. This post brought back lots of happy memories of a family holiday in Port Vendres. Love Collioure, too!

  2. We have good friends in Banyuls… you remind me to call them up! 😉

  3. Mmm, mmm. Looks good, Melanie. –Curt

  4. When we were staying in Bandol we would walk to the wharf and buy some fresh caught fish, take it home and cook it. I’m sorry we didn’t get to Collioure. It sounds wonderful. Leslie

  5. Bonjour Mélanie, c’est sympa, cet endroit! Il n’a pas fait trop chaud, j’espère? c’est la canicule en ce moment! Bon dimanche, Mo

  6. YUM! One of my favorite places in France… don’t tell too many people, though, Melanie!

  7. Quite the seafood feast!

  8. Ah, thank you Melanie. It is one of my favourite beaches and I hope to be there soon. However, I usually go to one of the beaches closer to home such as Porte la Nouvelle, La Franqui, or perhaps Gruissan… 🙂

    • I know all those places, they’re fine, but we’d rather go to Collioure or Banyuls… 😉

      • Absolutely. I just head over for a swim and perhaps some Moules Frites et une verre de vin? When it gets so warm I just want to jump in the water and they are so close… 🙂

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