Saint-Ferréol (re)rempli…:-)

certains d’entre vous se souviendront peut-être de ce post sur le lac vidé:
* * *
eh bien, au bout de 4 mois, le Bassin de Saint-Ferréol est plein, et mon amie américaine aura été plus qu’étonnée de le voir sur place… 🙂

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some of you may recall this post about the emptied lake:
* * *
circling the refilled-up lake… 🙂 well, after almost 4 months, Bassin(lake) of Saint-Ferréol is full again, and my American friend was beyond stunned to see it on the very spot… 🙂 N.B. the US-Prez Thomas Jefferson loved France, in general and our region, in particular; he toured France with his friend, La Fayette, and he highly appreciated the French-American friendship – both countries being forever connected by “the bridges of the heart”… ❤

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  1. the miracle of water… 🙂

  2. C’est beaucoup mieux comme ça! Bon week-end, Mo

  3. Jefferson was definitely an early Francophile! 🙂 –Curt

  4. Merci pour ces photos. J’ai vu le lac cet hiver vide et c’est la deuxième fois, toujours aussi impressionnant.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Melanie.

  6. It was an amazing day! Thank you, my friend! ❤ After traveling through the beautiful country-side, the coolness of the pines was very refreshing. The gentle walk around was gorgeous and the falls at the end – a special treat. Would highly recommend to others. 🙂

    • you mentioned once that you were looking forward to each new day as an opportunity to enjoy the adventures of life and this has been an exceptional one… 🙂

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