entre le passé et le présent…

mon cœur balance en Andorre… 🙂 voici le Sanctuaire de “Notre Dame de Meritxell”, entouré des Pyrénées andorranes, tout près de Canillo – un adorable village. La Vierge de Meritxell est la Sainte Patronne de la Principauté d’Andorre. L’église actuelle, construite à côté de l’ermitage en 1976, a été commandé par le Conseil Général(Parlement d’Andorre), à l’architecte catalan Ricardo Bofill, qui le conçut comme “une recréation de l’art roman”. Chaque 8 septembre, jour de le fête nationale, on y organise un rassemblement avec un nombreux public et la participation de toutes les autorités andorranes. P.S. l’aire de jeux au pied du sanctuaire n’est pas l’œuvre de Ricardo Bofill… 🙂
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N.B. Ricardo Bofill was born in Barcelona, ​​Catalunya, Spain, and he’s been reckoned worldwide as one of the greatest contemporary architects; more @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricardo_Bofill

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between past and present, my heart swings and rocks in Andorra… 🙂 The Shrine of “Our Lady of Meritxell” is surrounded by the Andorran Pyrénées, and it’s situated nearby Canillo – a charming village. The Virgin of Meritxell is the Patron Saint of the Principality of Andorra. The current church, built next to the hermitage in 1976, was commissioned by the General Council(Andorran Parliament), to the Catalan architect Ricard Bofill, who designed it as “a break of Roman art.” Each September 8th – the national holiday, a large audience and all the Andorran authorities meet here to celebrate it. P.S. the playground at the foot of the sanctuary was not designed by Ricardo Bofill… 🙂
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have a “cool” Monday and a rockin’ week, guys! 🙂


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  1. Delightful! Love the spaces in the church.

  2. Absolutely stunning!

  3. Beautiful post! I actually studied about Andorra as a teenager!

    • MERCI! THANX, Sir! glad to hear you studied about Andorra, as lots of North Americans have NO idea about it… 🙂 Principality of Andorra – in Catalan Principat d’Andorra – is a sovereign landlocked microstate, located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains, bordered by Spain and France. The official language is Catalan, although Spanish and French are also commonly spoken.

  4. What a beautiful marriage of building and landscape that modern church achieves!

  5. C’est vraiment spectaculaire! Bonne semaine, Mo

  6. I love the photos from inside the windows.

  7. Je crois qu’il faut que j’aille en Andorre!

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