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Parc Naturel des Pyrénées Ariégeoises, France…

motto:”Whenever I need to recreate myself, I seek the darkest woods, the thickest and most interminable ones. I enter as in a sacred place – a ‘sanctum sanctorum’: there is the strength and the marrow of Nature.”(Henry David Thoreau – “Walking”)

Situated 1h 1/2-drive from Toulouse, in the heart of its “elder sisters” – the Eastern Pyrenees and the Atlantic ones, the “Pyrénées ariégeoises” are part of the common border between France, Andorra and Spain; Ariège is both the name of the river and of the county. In the background of my photos, you can see the Andorran Pyrénées.

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“spicy Mel B” @ Plateau de Beille, Pyrénées Ariégeoises… WHY have I been nicknamed “spicy Mel B”?! – well, it’s not because of the “Spice Girls”, but due to my red chili pepper T-shirt! 🙂

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N.B. For the North Americans who have never set foot in our “old Europe”… 🙂 the French-Spanish Pyrenees range forms a majestic, picturesque and natural “wall” that may be crossed and visited with NO control of any ID-card or passport, which are required by the airport customs only… last but not least: you may travel all over Europe, from one country to another, by car or on foot, without being controlled at the borders! 🙂
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have a grand and relaxing weekend, guys! 🙂


“la marche livre notre âme à notre corps…”

“De toutes les activités humaines, la marche est peut-être celle qui nous ouvre le mieux à la vie intérieure. Il s’agit de la marche autotélique, celle qui n’est pas forcément destinée à nous conduire quelque part, et qui n’a d’autre but qu’elle-même, qui nous permet de nous retrouver, et de redécouvrir le monde. Rien à voir avec le sport, la vitesse, la performance – au contraire: la marche féconde pour notre vie intérieure est sans but, qui livre notre âme à notre corps. Oui, la marche est l’alliée de la vie intérieure, car en écartant le bavardage de l’esprit lié aux trivialités sans cesse répétées du quotidien, elle renforce notre présence à ce qui compte: le chant du corps et le mouvement du monde. En marchant, on renoue avec la tradition des philosophes péripatéticiens(du grec “peripatetikos” = qui aime se promener), dont Aristote fut le chef de file, et qui appréciaient de réfléchir en déambulant et en discutant entre eux. Car la marche, d’autres études l’ont prouvé, a aussi pour vertus de faciliter la créativité, la concentration, la neurogenèse, etc.”(Christophe André) P.S. pour les francophones intéressés voici son blog:
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Plateau de Beille, Pyrénées Ariégeoises…

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“Among all the human activities, walking is perhaps the one that opens us up to the inner life! I’m talking about the autotelic stroll which is not necessarily meant to lead us somewhere, and has no other goal than itself, but allows us to find ourselves, and to discover the world. Nothing to do with sports, speed, performance – on the contrary: the fruitful walk for our inner life is aimless, it delivers our soul to our body. Yes, walking is the ally of the inner life, as it avoids the chatting of the mind connected to the ever-repeated trivialities of the daily life, it strengthens our presence to what really matters: the tune of the body, and the movement of the world. As we walk, we reconnect with the tradition of the peripatetic philosophers(from the Greek word “peripatetikos” = who loves to walk), whose leader was Aristotle, who used to meditate while walking with his fellows. Studies have proved that walking has also the virtue to facilitate creativity, concentration, neurogenesis, etc.”(Christophe André)
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N.B. Dr Christophe André is a “Toulousain” psychiatrist and psychotherapist specialized in anxiety and depression, particularly in the field of relapse prevention. He’s been one of the leaders of behavioral and cognitive therapies in France and among the first ones to use of meditation in psychotherapy. I had the honor and the privilege to meet him at a conference in Toulouse, his heart’s city, as he graduated from the medicine school of Toulouse, where he returns as often as possible… 🙂

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