au pied du volcan…

un palmier et des fleurs de cactus… quelques merveilles éphémères sur le sol volcanique, caressées par le soleil méditerranéen, le ciel étoilé et le vent soyeux… tout cactus possède, au moins, une fleur à la beauté flamboyante, mais parmi ses épines, un petit cœur s’y niche toujours… ❤
* * *
I took these pix @ Stromboli island last May…

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at the foot of the volcano, a palm-tree and cactus flowers… 🙂 a few ephemeral wonders over the volcanic soil, cuddled by the Mediterranean sun, the starry sky and the silky wind… each cactus stem grows, at least, one gorgeous flower, but among its prickles, there’s always a hidden heart… ❤


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Posted on 11 August 2017, in melanie. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Des images merveilleuses sur fond de ciel bleu!

  2. Lovely, Melanie. And yes, cactus flowers are so ephemeral…

  3. Wonderful photos Melanie, there is something about a cactus I like ~ could be that it is the one plant I can take care of and have prosper? 🙂 Agree, there is always a hidden heart when they bloom. Wishing you a great summer!

  4. Out of the fury of the volcano erupts these beautiful cacti with their flowers. The wonders of nature.

  5. Beautiful, dear M – truly beautiful!

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