“He ‘Olina Leo Ka Ke Aloha…”

“Joy is in the voice of love.”(Hawaiian proverb)

a light breeze cools the Hawaiian Fall air, swaying the branches of the palm trees and the flowers which cast mild shadows against the colors of the twilight sky…
* * *
pix taken in Big Island, Hawaii… ❤

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“La joie se trouve dans la voix de l’amour.”(proverbe hawaïen)

une brise légère rafraîchit l’air hawaïen de l’automne, balançant les branches des palmiers et les fleurs qui lancent des ombres légères contre les couleurs du ciel crépusculaire


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  1. Tes photos me font rêver… Bonne soirée, Mo

  2. That’s a nice thought. Beautiful photos, as always.

  3. I’d have to call that the Island of romance, Melanie.

  4. Fan palms are among my favorites. Always enjoy escaping to the Hawaiian Islands. –Curt

  5. I love that breeze… the trade winds, I think?

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