Aloha is LOVE…:-)

“Love is like a cleansing dew. Say I LOVE YOU. Say it to yourself, to Nature, to the air you breathe, to the house that shelters you. Say I LOVE YOU to your challenges. Mean it, feel it. For there’s nothing as powerful as LOVE. The whole practice in a nutshell – simple and amazingly effective.”(Hawaiian wisdom)

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“L’amour est comme une rosée qui purifie. Dites “je t’aime!” Dites-le à vous-même, à la nature, à l’air que vous respirez, à la maison qui vous héberge. Dites “je vous aime!” à vos défis – avec conviction et avec le coeur. Car il n’y a rien de plus fort que l’AMOUR. Tout est dans la pratique d’un seul mot – simple et incroyablement efficace.”(sagesse hawaïenne)
* * *
have an aloha weekend, guys! 🙂


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Posted on 23 September 2017, in melanie. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Not sure if there is a better word for me to hear than “Aloha” as it immediately calms me, makes me smile and think of the beauty of Hawaii. Fantastic series of photos, flowers are definitely the original art of Mother Nature.

  2. Beautiful. I may have told you before that in Maori the word for love is Aroha.

  3. The flowers are beautiful, Melanie, hard not to love.

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