Hawai’i – land where “Tūtū Pele” dwells…:-)

For the native Hawaiians,”Tūtū Pele”(Madame Pele) is the most well-known deity within their mythology – the goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes – the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. Volcanoes have always been “monuments” to Earth’s origin, concrete evidence that primordial forces are still at work like in Hawaiʻi(home!) aka “Big Island” that gives the archipelago its name. This is a land of ice and fire, with active volcanoes and several climate zones. It’s a relatively “young” place – about a million years old, compared to Kauai – almost 6 million! They are huge “land builders”, as they’ve created the Hawaiian island chain: Kilauea and Mauna Loa(Earth’s most massive mountain!) are 2 of the world’s most active ones, and they add land to Hawai’i every day.
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almost 13km-hike(round trip!) to watch the lava flow from afar(hélas!) – ’cause a few years ago, one could approach the spot at about 1km, but in the meantime, lots of areas have been closed for the same reason: irresponsible, reckless, foolhardy tourists!!!

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Mauna Loa is one of the best understood volcanoes that sheds light on the birth and the beginnings of our planet. Each eruption reminds us of the unlimited force of Nature to change the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, and the oceans that surround our continents. Long story, short: our planet is ever-changing, with its basic strength beyond any human control. As much as we’ve altered Terra’s face to suit our own needs, we can only stand in awe before the extreme power of a volcano. In fact, a new mountain, called Lo’ihi is currently forming off the southeast coast, and should emerge from the ocean in a few thousands of years from now. After Etna, Stromboli and Vulcano last May, I have to admit my fondness and fascination for the Hawaiian and the Icelandic volcanoes! ❤ well, "de gustibus et de coloribus non disputandum…" 🙂
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have a FFF = a fond and fascinating Friday, nā kānaka = guys! 🙂

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  1. Awesome photos. Seeing creation being birthed in what seems like destruction gives a wonderful perspective. Our land in Tennessee had a lot of coral. I loved holding it and feeling connected across the eons to when the land was under an ocean.

  2. What an amazing vacation you’ve had, and thank you for the introduction of Tūtū Pele, the beauty of Hawaii seems to be so many layers thick but as you mention the volcanoes and Mauna Loa are at the heart. Wishing you a great start to the autumn Mélanie!

  3. I feel afraid in the presence of nature’s power – the mere idea of volcanoes terrifies me. What stunning landscapes and skies you have captured, brave Melanie!

  4. Les photos sont magnifiques, Mélanie. mais les touristes semblent un vrai fléau? Bonne soirée, Mo

  5. Volcanoes remind us that the earth is a living thing, not a terra totally firma but an organism that is subject to constant change. I think that is what makes the people that live near volcanoes so special!

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