let’s try to rest our mind – once in a while…:-)

we all long for serenity and inner peace of mind, BUT… “If you regularly rest your mind upon worries, self criticism, and anger, then your brain will gradually take that shape –  it will develop neural structures and dynamics of anxiety, low sense of worth, and ‘prickly’ reactivity to others. On the other hand, if you regularly rest your mind upon, for example noticing you’re all right right now, seeing the good in yourself and letting go, then your brain will gradually take the shape of calm strength, self-confidence, and inner peace.”(Rick Hanson) – it’s worth thinking it over and trying… 🙂
* * *
pix taken @ Yakushima island, Japan… ❤

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nous aspirons tous à la sérénité et à la paix intérieure, MAIS… “Si vous vous reposez l’esprit régulièrement sur les soucis, l’autocritique et la colère, alors votre cerveau va prendre peu à peu cette forme – il va développer des structures neurales et une dynamique d’anxiété, un faible sens de la valeur et une réactivité ‘mordante’ envers les autres. D’un autre côté, si vous vous reposez l’esprit là-dessus, en remarquant par exemple que vous vous sentez bien en ce moment, en observant le bon en vous-même et en lâchant prise, votre cerveau va prendre progressivement la forme de la force tranquille, de confiance en soi et de paix intérieure.”(Rick Hanson – American psychologist) – ça vaut la peine d’y réfléchir et d’essayer… 🙂


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  1. Larecettedubonheur

    La pleine conscience, vivre l’instant présent, de façon à observer cette petite voix intérieure… 🙂 bonne soirée!

  2. That is such a truth. This year, as you know, I allowed my mind to become sullied with sour thoughts and it brought me crashing down to a place where I was full of anxiety and actually became depressed. With the help of friends like you who know my story, and the eventual very good news on the horizon… 😉 I climbed back to the place I prefer which is a place where I allow the good around me, the kindness, the joy of nature and the great privilige that life is to rule my mind again and here I am smiling. And especially at your lovely post full of your beautiful pictures including your lovely self. Go softly, ma belle amie! xxx

    • 1000 MERCI for your generous comment, Mrs O… ❤ Rick Hanson has also mentioned:"Accept difficulties, they come and go. Notice that when you stop resisting a difficulty, it starts feeling less difficult. Meanwhile, your own good qualities and the good things in life persist and remain." – sooo true… 🙂 btw, here's his awesome blog:
      * * *
      last but not least: remember to gift yourself, too… ❤ 😉

  3. Inspiring. That kind of mental rest or meditation skill is high on my list for 2018!

  4. So true, Melanie.

  5. C’est vrai que ça vaut la peine d’y réfléchir. Bonne soirée, Mo

  6. Some sage advice and worth following – we are so much happier when we look at the positive in life.

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