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Have a starry week, pals!:-)

“L’univers, avec toutes ces étoiles, au fond, c’est une sorte de décoration de Noël…”(Jean-Marie Gourio)
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“The universe, with all those stars, it’s basically a kind of Christmas decoration…”(Jean-Marie Gourio)

Have a lovely weekend with your “anam cara(s)”!:-)

N.B. This post has been inspired by a dear “soul friend” who’ll recognize herself… ❤ 🙂

“Anam Cara” means soul-mate(soul friend) in Gaelic and it wasn’t just a simple phrase for the Celts, but a concept with a deep meaning – so much so that the Irish philosopher, poet and scholar John O’Donohue wrote a whole book about it, in which he’s defined “anam cara” as “a person to whom you could reveal the hidden intimacies of your life”. Both the Celts and the Irish believed that everyone, either directly or on a more subconscious level, sought to find their soul mate throughout their life. Without an “anam cara”, they could never be fully understood or seen as they really are; thus, anyone who has, at least, an “anam cara”, has reached that most sacred place called HOME… 🙂

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I do believe that TRUE friendship is an act of recognition and belonging – the bonding of 2 souls – even though “the soul” is supposed to be an intangible element that radiates all around the physical body – the equivalent of an ‘aura’. BUT once 2 souls have joined, they will always recognise each other for whenever we feel a deep connection with another person in a heartfelt and trusting way, our “auras” will flow and fly together… 🙂 The concept of ‘anam cara’ has been universal and relatable in any culture since Antiquity, as all civilizations did know the value of positive, generous, solid and mutual relationships – THE real treasures of our life. Btw, a permanent reminder: our most precious gifts are not material “stuff”, but good health, family and genuine soul friends – ’cause “a person without an ‘anam cara’ is like a body without a head.”(Irish saying) 🙂

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