another rainy day…

the January rain woke me up at dawn with a true sense of hope… and I said to myself: well, even though it’s raining again, this is the beginning of a new day, and it may nevertheless be a fine one until tonight and beyond… it’s just started and I do believe there will always be more… to me, it’s been THE joy of the very moment, looking forward to the next rainbow; btw, have you ever experienced that emotion?… 🙂
* * *
artwork by Akram Ahmadian – Australian artist of Armenian & Iranian descent

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une autre journée pluvieuse… la pluie de janvier m’a réveillée à l’aube avec une réelle sensation d’espoir… et je me suis dit: eh bien, même s’il repleut, c’est le début d’un nouveau jour, et il pourrait être beau, malgré tout, jusqu’à ce soir et au-delà… il vient de commencer, et je crois fermement qu’il y en aura toujours d’autres… pour moi, c’est LA joie de cet instant même, en attendant le prochain arc-en-ciel; à propos, avez-vous déjà éprouvé cette émotion?… 🙂
* * *
bonus: Tim McGraw – she’s my kinda rain…


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  1. Oui, on peut voir la pluie comme ça, mais à la longue, on n’a rien contre un petit rayon de soleil de temps en temps! 😉 Bonne soirée! Mo

  2. I’ve always liked the rain and its promise of spring and flowers, but also its sound on the roof, lulling me to sleep, and the fresh smell it brings to the woods. –Curt

  3. Yes, raining here too for two days. Grey and damp and dark and gloomy. But we can make our hearts shine and I always look for rainbows! 🙂 Happy New Year, Melanie! xxx ❤

  4. I have had that feeling too, in fact, I feel that way most days. Have a good one, Melanie!

  5. I am always happy to have been given another brand new day!

  6. Soleil et ciel bleu à Liège! 🙂

  7. It rained yesterday evening here in Johannesburg. A welcome respite from the soaring temperatures we have had for the past week or so. The garden is smiling once more… and so are we. 🙂

    The art in the slide is beautiful. Happy New Year, Melanie! All the very best to you and yours.

  8. Da me sembra primavera! 🙂 Un Saluto solare Mélanie, Renzo

  9. No rain here but the same spirit of hopefulness and replenishment. Every season has its purpose and winters value is to give us time to charge our batteries, let our sap build back up and to take in the wonder of the naked landscape, ready to burst forth again in Spring. The constant of every season is that it brings hope and energy – even if the sort of energy might differ and if our hearts are willed with love and gratitude, we are able to imbibe nature’s bounty, whatever the weather. Go softly with a spring in your step, my beautiful friend! 💕 🌧 💕

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