mon village avant le crépuscule…

“On a toujours associé la campagne à l’amour et l’on a bien fait: rien n’encadre la femme que l’on aime comme le ciel bleu, les senteurs, les fleurs, les brises, la solitude resplendissante des champs ou des bois. Eh bien, si vous aimez la liberté, elle habite à la campagne!”(Alexandre Dumas-fils) – au fait, qqs minuscules perce-neiges sont sortis dans le petit bois de mon quartier, alors qu’on n’a jamais eu de neige cet hiver – décidément, réchauffement climatique “oblige”! 🙂

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“We’ve always related the countryside to love and we’ve been right: nothing else frames up the woman we love like a blue sky, scents, flowers, wafts, the gorgeous loneliness of the fields or of the woodland. Well, if you love freedom, it does live in the countryside!”(Alexandre Dumas’ son) – btw, a few tiny snowdrops have already showed up in the small woods of my neighborhood, yet, we’ve never had any snow this winter – it’s global warming, indeed and for sure! 🙂
* * *
Have a blue sky weekend, pals! 🙂


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  1. Same here Melanie. Very little snow here this year but close to record amounts last year. Mother Nature is seriously confused! –Curt

  2. Je trouve que la nature donne un sentiment de plénitude (et améliore sûrement le teint… 😉 Bonne soirée, Mo

  3. We are having an unusual winter, Melanie. The first snow came late and it became very cold – minus 20°C! This week it warmed up and the snow melted. Right now we are getting freezing rain and it’s supposed to snow (just when it is almost all gone). Have a great weekend!

  4. J’ai entendu parler de perce-neiges en fleur dans le coin… mais je n’ai pas encore vu ceux du jardin! Une bonne fin de semaine à vous, Mélanie.

  5. It’s still to early to discount the snow, my friend. Last year we had snow in May in Cantal and here in Grenoble. But I do agree… sadly, the world is warming up and for the most awful reasons. My father was lecturing on the subject in the 1970s and warning that this would happen. I wish he hadn’t been right. But Dumas’ son’s words… oh, how they lift my heart and remind me of the beauty that is all around and yes, indeed, that beauty is to be found most profoundly in the countryside. But you know how I tick! 😉 xoxo

    • Well, the weather of our region is completely different from the Cantal and Grenoble… 😉 usually, whenever it snows in the Pyrénées, it rains over here, and we’ve already had years with no snow(at all!) and no negative temperatures during the day, but always a sunny February: 18-20°C like a few days ago!!! 🙂 yep, we’ve both loved the French countryside for quite awhile… ❤

      • Indeed, it is. But I do not know that les Pyrénées are getting a fair crack at the snow this year. Actually, Grenoble itself often gets little or no snow and it is rare for it to stick around more than a day… we sit at less than 250M here and it is very flat, being between two river plains. The mountains, though that ring us – those are a different story! 🙂

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