(en) attendant le “froid sibérien”…:-)

motto:“La météo est une science qui permet de connaître le temps qu’il aurait dû faire.”(Philippe Bouvard)

et voilà qu’après un week-end venteux et frisquet, mais ensoleillé et propice aux balades, on nous a annoncé le retour d’un “froid sibérien” pour cette semaine… mon iris, mes violettes et moi-même ne le craignons point, car on sait que la météo se trompe de temps à autre! 🙂

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motto:”The weather forecast is a science that allows us to know the weather we should’ve had.”(Philippe Bouvard – French journalist and humorist)

waiting for the “Siberian cold”… well, after a chilly and windy but sunny weekend, suitable for pleasant strolls, the weather report has mentioned the return of the “Siberian cold” for this week… my violets, my iris and myself don’t fear it, ’cause we all know the weather forecast is sometimes wrong! 🙂
* * *
Have a fine Monday and an optimistic week, guys! 🙂

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  1. Laughing, my blogging friends from England are calling it ‘the Beast from the East’. Our flowers continue to be optimistic, even though they were hit by a fresh snowfall this morning. –Curt

  2. I do hope the weather people are wrong, Melanie. I’ll send you some warmth and sun from Canada. We are having a lovely warm spell right now. Leslie

  3. Good luck on getting the unexpected! 😉

  4. Something tells me YOUR Siberian cold and MY Siberian cold are many, MANY degrees apart… 😉

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