Have a grateful and merry December!:-)

N.B. from my inbox… A. was one of my wonderful colleagues @ Clear Lake Montessori school, in Houston, Texas; btw, I collect lovely memories, not things! 🙂

Dear Melanie,

It’s hard to put into words what I feel, because they seem so inadequate to express my gratitude. How can I ever thank you for your precious hours of understanding you often gave to me? I still remember our long talks, the ways you supported me so many times, how you took time to listen to me. You not only listened all those times when I was sad or hurt, excited or happy, when I felt as though my world was falling into pieces, you encouraged me whenever I had tears in my eyes, you soothed my frustrations, and you were more proud of me than I was of myself. Somehow, your presence made my days even brighter, and brought me a sweetness even to the hardest moments. Your support, understanding and devotion are still stronger than anything else. Memories are extremely private things, a personal ‘treasure storehouse’ of joys and sorrows. I simply can’t put a ‘price’ on what that meant to me. You did trust me, offered me your keen attention and generosity – with no thought of ‘reward’. You taught me just what being a TRUE friend is all about, and I could only pass this priceless gift along, both to you and to other folks around me. Pride and embarrassment aren’t that different from each other – they’re both self-conscious.
* * *
“Let’s be grateful to the people who make us happy, because they are the gardeners who make our souls blossom.”(Marcel Proust) – photos taken @ la Gomera Canary island…

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Thankfulness turns us outward, however, it takes the focus off ourselves. It allows us to reach out and accept what’s given to us – simply, honestly, humbly. I do believe the truest friendship is built upon simple and honest bases. Looking back on my life, I realize that you’ve woven into all my best memories. I’m so grateful for you’ve made a difference in my life and in the end, all I can say is THANK YOU for your generosity, you mean so much to me. I know that I’ve changed and that you’ve helped me ‘grow’, to become the person I like being. Accept my thoughts for sincere thanks, they are more powerful than any words. My gratitude has leapt up in my heart, and in spite of the geographical distance, we’ve always been near each other, as our friendship deepens the present and it will illuminate the future. I’ll never forget what you’ve meant to me these past years because you’re so easy to remember, Melanie! As December has just ‘landed’ in Houston, too, I wish you a merry end of this year! Love and hugs, A.
* * *
Have a sunny and peaceful weekend, guys! 🙂


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  1. Beautiful. You are blessed indeed, Mélanie!

  2. What a wonderful email from your friend. We are fortunate when we can experience deep and lasting friendships.

  3. A beautiful friendship, Melanie. In the end, nothing is more important. Thanks for sharing. –Curt

  4. What a wonderful friend you have there, Melanie. Have a splendid December!
    Leslie ❤

  5. l’amitié est un véritable trésor… bon week-end, Mélanie!!!

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