dinosaur eggs, alien remnants, or evidence of giants?…:-)

nope, these are geological marvels, exposed by erosion of sedimentary rocks laid down from 65 to 13 million years ago, known as types of ‘concretions’ which are mineral-cemented masses that often form within layers of sediment. Geologic activity caused an uplifting of the mudstone out of the sea to create the cliffs along the beach. Within the many meters of sediment, the boulders remained encased. Over time, wave action eroded away the softer sediments to reveal the giant stones.

Moeraki Boulders, Otago coast, South island, NZ…

Each time the ocean excavates a new boulder, the newly exposed concretion rolls down onto the beach to join the others. Today, the shoreline is artfully arrayed with spheres that were preserved because of calcification that resisted erosion. Other ‘concretions’ around the world: Koutu – Hokianga District, North Island, New Zealand; Bowling Ball Beach, California, USA; Valley of Balls, Western Kazakhstan.

N.B. The word ‘concretion’ comes from two Latin words: crescere = ‘to grow,’ and con = ‘together.’

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  1. An excellent collection of photos of a fascinating area.

  2. How very interesting… I’ve never seen anything like those before.

  3. Aren’t these amazing formations? Thank you for introducing us. I would have thought dinosaur eggs!

  4. I have a number of photos of the rocks, Melanie, from one of my trips to New Zealand. They are fascinating. –Curt

  5. They really do look like some giant eggs, Melanie.

  6. For a moment I thought Jurassic park may get there yet…

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