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Auckland aka “City of Sails”…

aka-bis Tāmaki (in Maori) is located on an isthmus, up the North Island, and is NZ’s main transit center where a large part of the population lives; it’s a very pleasant city, surrounded by extinct volcanoes and hiking trails; well, most of its inhabitants are about 1/2 hour away from wonderful beaches and a dozen of charming islets – lucky them!!! 🙂

N.B. for those who have missed geography or history classes… 😉 even though Auckland is NZ’s most populated city and the world’s number one place where people of Polynesian descent live, the country’s capital is Wellington – a very pleasant and interesting city, too! 🙂

Bonne journée de la Terre!:-)

Montaña del Cuervo est un volcan situé au centre de l’île de Lanzarote; il culmine à 374 m d’altitude et c’est un cône volcanique formé lors de l’éruption de 1730. On peut se balader à l’intérieur du cratère uniquement, puisque l’accès au sommet a été interdit pour éviter le piétinement et préserver la surface lisse des graviers. P.S. au fait, je suis signe terrestre, donc, c’est ma journée, aussi… 🙂

El Cuervo – The Raven – surrounded by a “lava sea”…

Montaña del Cuervo is a volcano located in the center of Lanzarote island; it rises to 374 m altitude, and it’s a volcanic cone formed during the eruption of 1730. One can walk within the crater only, since the access at the top has been forbidden to avoid trampling and to preserve the smooth surface of the gravel. P.S. btw, I’m an earthly sign, so it’s my day, too… 🙂

Happy Earth Day and have a lovely week, folks! 🙂

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