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Isola di Capri, Italia…

“Our soul needs more space than our body. I want my house open to the sun, the wind and the voice of the sea – like a Greek temple, and, above all: light, light, light – everywhere!”(Axel Munthe)

This tiny island used to be called “Khapros”(boar isle!) by the Greeks, then, after the Romans arrived, they distorted the word and its name turned into “capreae” that later became “Goat island”; situated 40′ from Naples by hydrofoil, 1/2 day is enough to visit it, but I suggest a pleasant boat tour, as it allows to admire its cliffs and awesome grottos… 🙂

N.B. Axel Munthe was a Swedish writer and doctor who studied medicine in France; he lived most of his life @ Villa San Michele, Ana Capri – described in his famous novel “The Story of San Michele”, published in 1929, translated into, at least, 45 languages and reckoned as one of the best-selling books of the 20th century.

Have a light Friday and a Capri blue weekend, folks! See ya asap! 🙂

“I dwell in possibility…”:-)

stated Emily Dickinson… well, at times, we may fall or fail, but moving forward helps us getting back up – even though we feel “crushed”(temporarily!), we’re never “broken”, as “something” inside us will always refuse to give up; in most circumstances, issues or situations, we can be as “helpless” as we choose to be – until we realize that a series of “misfortunes” shows us a new direction, and eventually, a positive “flip”… some painful events don’t really define us, yet they do change us, as well as our current and future priorities, enabling us to rise to a higher level of functioning by using mindfulness to deal with them… btw, I’ve decided to write my dreams on beaches, trusting they’ll come true, and I shove off before the waves sweep them away! 🙂

pix taken in UNIQUE New Zealand… ❤

“Je réside dans le possible…”(Emily Dickinson)

eh bien, parfois, nous tombons ou nous échouons, mais avancer nous aide à nous relever – même si nous nous sentons “écrasés” (temporairement!), nous ne sommes jamais “détruits”, car “quelque chose” en nous refusera toujours d’abandonner… dans la plupart des circonstances, des problèmes ou des situations, nous pouvons être aussi “faibles” que nous choisissons d’être – avant de réaliser qu’une série de “malheurs” nous indique une nouvelle direction et un “retournement” positif en fin de compte… certains événements douloureux ne nous définissent pas vraiment, ils nous changent, ainsi que nos priorités actuelles et futures, nous permettant d’atteindre un niveau de fonctionnement supérieur, en utilisant la conscience pour les aborder… au fait, j’ai décidé d’écrire mes rêves sur des plages, en espérant qu’ils se réaliseront, et je m’en vais avant que les vagues ne les emportent! 🙂

Have a sunny Monday, a positive week and let’s dwell in possibility, guys! 🙂

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