ancient history lesson…:-)

Pompeii – August 24, 79 BC: Vesuvius is erupting, and a few minutes later, its ashes cover up 25,000 people – the whole town has vanished!!! We know about this tragedy via Pliny the Younger who related it to Tacitus, mentioning the death of Pliny the Elder – his uncle. The place was abandoned to its “lava shroud” for 17 centuries, and the first excavations began during the 18th century; necropolises, remains and fortifications were dug up, yet, homes were restored only in the 20th century, and excavations are still going on nowadays… I’m a history and geography lover, so Pompeii, Italy is quite a unique experience with an impressive ambiance! 🙂

N.B. since I’ve been absent for awhile, some of you have emailed me these past days; everything is fine, MERCI! ❤ well, I’m gonna continue to travel and, as summertime draws near, relatives and friends will come over, therefore, I’ll be very busy with REAL life… THANK YOU for dropping by, my very best and have a wonderful June! Stay healthy and optimistic, good luck in all your endeavours and see you asap, pals! 🙂

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  1. Pompeii is a wonderful site to visit and from your photos you had wonderful weather for your visit. Enjoy your summer.

  2. Nice post! The challenge is always to balance real life with the time we spend sharing our experiences online. Happy travels and enjoy the summer!

  3. Have a lovely June, Mélanie! ❤

  4. Doreen Fraietta

    Great pictures and thanx for the history lesson! 🙂

  5. What a site Pompeii! Have a great summer, Melanie! Leslie xoxo

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