il Vesuvio – Naples’ active guardian…

This Italian volcano overlooks Naples and it has been “immortalized” by a name of pizza (sic!), but the population still recalls that its lava and ashes covered up Pompei and Herculaneum in 79 BC! The latest eruption took place in 1944, while the American troops were there, and the locals reckoned it as a sign of victory! 🙂 Nowadays, it rises to 1280m, a diameter of 400m and a crater of 300m deep; monitored by vulcanologists 24h, one can predict a future eruption about a week in advance, allowing to evacuate some 3 000 000 people – directly threatened by a tidal wave or another “burial”…

After an organic simple lunch at the foot of the volcano, we did climb it, which was quite easy; the weather was fine, so we had a super-panorama over the Bay of Naples – admired by many romantic authors, including 2 famous French writers: Dumas and Chateaubriand. Last but not least: I highly recommend “Cantina del Vesuvio” – its local food, olive oil, country bread and wine are famous all over Italy… 🙂

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  1. Your post gives the idea to go there, to climb the volcano and also to taste the wine and the food! 🙂 Michel

  2. I’ve had the Lacryma Christi wine in Toulouse years ago. I recall it being yummy! 🙂

  3. What a lovely experience Mélanie, thank you for sharing! Leslie

  4. Vesuvio is certainly a popular name for pizza places — it’s also the name of our local pizzeria. Glad you enjoyed the food as well as an easy climb to the top. Looks stunning!

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