Welcome back to Nihon(Japan), Merani-san!:-)

@ Merani-san = Mélanie; the Japanese can’t pronounce the letter “L” and they turn it into “R” in all the foreign words, “san” being the respectful form they address both one to another and to foreigners; between January and June, we’ve hiked across 2 Canary islands, New Zealand, Southern Italy and the nearby Pyrénées;

we’re in Japan for the 6th time, far-away from the current torrid heatwave in France; after visiting with close relatives in Yokohama, we’ve just spent 5 days in the quaint Japanese Alps, and well, we’re never “lost in translation”… 🙂

photos taken @ Chubu Mountains National Park, Nagano Prefecture(region), Japan; more @ https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6040.html

N.B. Walter Weston (1861-1940) was an English missionary who introduced Western-style mountain climbing to Japan and popularized the term “Japanese Alps.” Oh, you may notice tiny bamboo groves where cute macaques hide to take naps, ignoring hikers… 🙂

Japanese friendly greetings and have a fine weekend! stay healthy and optimistic, guys! see you asap! Mélanie aka メラニー

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  1. Doreen Fraietta

    A feast for the eyes!

  2. I always love to hear about your travels Melanie, thanks for sharing.
    Leslie xoxo

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for posting.

  4. You certainly don’t let the grass grow beneath your feet! Never been to Japan, but husband is planning a ski trip for January. Those photos are beautiful!

  5. We loved our time in Japan, finding so many peaceful places. When we went to visit the ‘Alps” it was so foggy we didn’t see them!

  6. Jolies photos Merani-san! 😉 Bonne journée à toi, Mo

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