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Puigcerdà, Catalunya, northern Spain – olé!:-)

En sortant du village français Bourg-Madame, on traverse une frontière invisible et on se retrouve aussitôt à Puigcerdà – petite ville charmante, pittoresque des Pyrénées Catalanes, environ 9000 habitants; située à 1200m d’altitude et entourée par des montagnes qui culminent à 3 000 m, c’est un endroit prisé par les Barcelonais qui s’y rendent pour passer leurs vacances d’été ou d’hiver, mais… vue la proximité avec la France, il y a bcp de Français, aussi! Comme les Andorrans, les habitants de Puigcerdà se considèrent Catalans – uniquement, d’ailleurs la plupart d’entre eux ne parlent que catalan et français, et même s’ils comprennent l’espagnol et le parlent couramment, chaque fois que je me suis adressée à eux en espagnol, la réponse a été:”eh, je suis Catalan, pas espagnol!” – avec un sourire malicieux… 🙂

Leaving the French village Bourg-Madame, we cross an invisible border and we get immediately @ Puigcerdà – charming little town in the quaint Catalan Pyrenees, about 9000 people; located at 1200m and surrounded by a mountain range that reaches 3 000 m, it’s a popular spot for the Barcelonians who spend their summer or winter vacation here, but… with France next door, there are also lots of French tourists! Like the Andorrans, the inhabitants of Puigcerdà reckon themselves as Catalans ONLY; moreover, most of them speak just Catalan and French, yet, even though they do understand Spanish and speak it fluently, each time I talked Spanish to them, they would go:”hey, I’m a Catalan, not a Spaniard!” – with a playful smile… 🙂

far-away from the 2nd heatwave – “dog-days” comin’ over…

during the 1st heatwave that showed up by the end of June, we were in the Japanese Alps, and for the 2nd one, we’ve chosen a “hamlet” in the nearby French-Catalan Pyrénées, about 2h 1/2-drive; “Les Angles” is one of the quaintest Pyrenean villages whose motto is: DREAM! LIVE! SHARE! 🙂

The Pyrenees… ❤ Catalan: Pirineus; French: Pyrénées; Spanish: Pirineos; Occitan: Pirenèus; Aragonese: Perinés; Basque: Pirinioak – range of mountains in southwest Europe that form a natural, open, free border between France and Spain that we cross in both directions. They separate the Iberian Peninsula from France, and extend for about 430 km from the Atlantic Ocean (Bay of Biscay) to the Mediterranean Sea (Cap de Creus)

“There’s sunshine in my heart, my blood sings with the breeze,
The mountains are a part of me, I’m fellow to the trees…”(Robert W. Service)

N.B. Robert W. Service was a Scottish-Canadian poet and writer(1874-1958), francophone and francophile, born on January 16th like me – an earthly sign, a mountain lover and a tree hugger… ❤

Have a fine and “cool” week, stay healthy and optimistic, pals! 🙂

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