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Biarritz – ocean city open to the world…

where I spent 3 days just after the G7 summit held there between 24 thru 26 August; btw, all the leaders and their spouses loved Biarritz – the Trumps included; during the press conference, journalists asked “45” about his decision to raise taxes on French wines, and he replied with a big grin:”Well, the first lady loves the French wines, so I’ll think it over!” – santé! cheers!😂🍾🍷🥂

N.B. Biarritz is situated on the Atlantic coast(the Bay of Biscay), in the French Basque Country, about 35km from the Spanish border; as I go there once a year, here is a previous post on this lovely, pleasant seaside resort @ 3h-drive from Toulouse:

Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Pays Basque Français…

l’un de mes endroits préférés sur la côte basque – à 18km de Biarritz, et à 15 km de la frontière franco-espagnole… ❤ have a lovely September, pals! 🙂

Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Pays Basque Français is a natural sheltered harbour in the south-east of the golfe de Gascogne(Bay of Biscay) – 15km away from the French-Spanish border; a bit of etymology: the Basque name of the town is Donibane Lohizune; you may know that “luz” is the Spanish word for “light”, but in this case, it’s a mutation of the word “lohitz”(loiz,luz), so “Donibane Lohizune” is the first element:”done” = saint from Latin “dóminus” = lord, master and “ibane” – noun+preposition “ibai” – “gaine” over the river, riverside; lohi = mud; suffix “z” = manner, according to; with, made of; and suffix “une” = place of => mud place, swamp. The name of the town comes in accord to all the times it’s been flooded over the centuries and has subsecuently built the dikes and lifted a wall by the beach.

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