Horseshoe Bend & Glen Canyon Dam…

Horseshoe Bend is an incised meander of the Colorado River, located near the town of Page, Arizona, and about 8 km downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

Horseshoe Bend est un méandre incisé du fleuve Colorado, situé près de la petite ville de Page, Arizona, et à environ 8 km en aval du barrage de Glen Canyon et du lac Powell.

daily reminder:“Do things that ignite a fire in your heart and soul, as much as you can. Engage in your passions. There is no other way to live. Life is short, so get going. If your passion involves some sort of ‘activism,’ focus on the inner work, find ways to be at peace despite all of the chaos and difficulties around you. Easier said than done, but so extremely necessary!”(Arjun Walia)

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  1. Quelles belles photos! Merci pour le post.

  2. Bon Anniversaire Mélanie et bonheur dans ton ♥! Gros becs♥ de mon Québec!

  3. I’ve never been there nor seen it, but what amazing terrain, Mélanie. Thank you for sharing. Leslie xoxo

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