"Qui s'y frotte, s'y pique!":-)

“Touch me and you’ll get stung!”(French saying) – in other words:”if you look for trouble, you’ll find it!”🙂

On the outskirts of Tucson(pronounced: tusɒn!), Arizona, a small but vital part of the Sonoran Desert has been preserved as “Saguaro National Park” where the Saguaro “prickly trees” form a surprisingly lush and diverse “realm” that the locals use to call “cactus forests”; they grow very slowly, therefore it may be 70 years before they sprout branches or “arms”, and they reach full height(over 15 m!) at about 150! Saguaro cacti collect water thru their shallow roots, they soak it up in the trunk and arms to allow for storage in the spongy flesh.

vertical survival under the sun…🌞🌵👇

Their cream-colored flowers – Arizona’s official flowers – appear from April to June, and in July, deep-red fruits ripen, becoming season’s food for both animals and humans – the Tohono O’odham(“Desert people”) Native Americans. Saguaros usually “die” of old age, BUT freezing, lightening, strong winds and drought can also “kill” them! Well, once again, it’s been hard to choose among over 200 pictures; last but not least: on my recent b’day, I was offered an original gift – a set of 4 tiny cacti, such a cute reminder of our visit to Saguaro National Park last month!🥰

Have a fine Sunday and a smooth week, folks!🙂

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  1. Been there several times over the years. Always fun. Cacti don’t come any more regal! –Curt

  2. Hope your B’day was a happy one, Melanie. Lovely photos, I’ve never seen those cacti before. What an interesting shape! Leslie xoxo

  3. Unele arata ca niste nave spatiale!🙂

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