heure d’été – daylight time:”fiat lux!”:-)

“En 100 ans, nous avons connu plus de changements qu’en 10 000 ans. Tout va si vite: le présent n’est qu’un morceau d’avenir qui se mue aussitôt en passé.”(Jean d’Ormesson) Pendant cette période d’isolement, je pratique des activités qui m’ont toujours détendue: écrire, lire des livres en papier et cuisiner; et VOUS?…

hectic seasonsaison mouvementée
yet hope gets thru – mais l’espoir transperce
the darkest canopy – la canopée la plus sombre…

on rough weather – par mauvais temps
heart’s compass leads us – la boussole du cœur nous guide
to the right harbor – vers le bon port…

“For about 100 years, we have known more changes than in 10,000 years. Everything goes so fast: the present is only a piece of the future that immediately turns into the past.”(Jean d’Ormesson) During this quarantine season, I carry on activities that have always relaxed me: writing, reading paper books and cooking; what about YOU?…

let’s stay afar – restons loin
from the current “tsunami” – du “tsunami” actuel
and it won’t carry us away – et il ne nous emportera pas…

quand la vie – when life
est un collier – is a necklace
chaque jour est une perle – each day is a pearl…

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  1. Bonsoir Mélanie,

    Nous bricolons et passons du temps au jardin, comme le temps le permet. Bonne soirée à toi, Mo

  2. I’m busy with cooking, music and painting, Melanie. Our older son is staying with us and we talk to the rest of the family daily. Take care and stay healthy. Leslie xoxo

  3. What a brilliant quote. Absolutely pertinent to the here and now. Your pictures give me succour and your words are wise and speak to the heart. Here, I am writing, I am reading, I am cooking with my husband (our daily delight when he is home) and I am counting the blessing of having him home. We are also in the process of renovating our house here for sale. We had a deadline in May which we can now scratch and I believe for some while longer, because I do believe this is a long haul for us all. So we are counting the positives there too. We have much longer to get the house perfect and we are home all day so we can work towards that goal side by side. We are finding the value in the way things are. And led by a certain Miss M in Toulouse, I am very certain that positive thinking is the absolutely only way to go in these days. 💫 ❤

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