hier après-midi @ Saint-Ferréol…😎🌞

encore une fois, la magie de la NATURE nous rappelle que c’est tout simplement formidable d’exister; on doit vivre en accord avec ELLE, ainsi qu’avec notre propre nature; en renouant avec ELLE après le confinement récent, je me demande rhétoriquement: aurions-nous, finalement, réalisé que nous en faisons TOUS partie?!… hier, j’ai suivi du regard une mouette voler contre le vent – libre, hardie, insaisissable – tout comme nos émotions, dont l’AMOUR qui n’a pas d’âge et retrouvera toujours une place dans notre coeur…💓

once again, NATURE’s magic reminds us that it’s simply wonderful to exist; we have to live in harmony with HER, as well as with our own nature; reconnecting with HER after the recent lockdown, I rhetorically wonder: have we eventually realized that we are ALL part of it?!… yesterday, I watched a seagull flying against the wind – free, bold, elusive – just like our emotions, LOVE included, which is ageless and will always find a spot in our heart…💓

10 km-hike @ Lake-Bassin de Saint-Ferréol, situated at the foot of the Black Mount, 45′-drive from Toulouse; it was designed during the 17th century by Pierre-Paul Riquet, the architect of the “Canal du Midi”(UNESCO world’s heritage), in order to be its main water reservoir and its 67 hectares spread over 3 counties: Haute-Garonne, Tarn and Aude.

N.B. I’ve inserted a photo of the commemorative plaque for the 220th anniversary of the French Revolution – symbol of the French-American friendship set nearby the “gyser” of Saint-Ferréol; Thomas Jefferson loved and admired France so much, its culture, historical heritage, architecture, terroir, that he traveled almost everywhere in France with his friend, Marquis de La Fayette whose French soldiers were heroes of the independence of United States of America:”a bridge for freedom – the bridges of the heart”…🥰😍

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  1. J’aime la nature depuis que je suis toute petite. Si, c’est vrai… Bonne journée Mélanie, Mo

  2. C’est formidable, Mélanie. Leslie xoxo

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