joies du jour…🥰💓

partager la moindre joie – sharing the tiniest joy
avec nos proches – with our loved ones
nous rend plus forts – makes us stronger…
pensées, émotions – thoughts, feelings,
nouvelle façon de voir la vie – new way of looking at life
différemment, avec du recul – differently, with hindsight…

mirabelles de not’ quartier, laurier rose & lavande de mon jardin – mes joies du jour…🥰

even though now and then – même si de temps à autre
you move on slowly – vous avancez lentement
do leave the past behind – laissez le passé derrière…
facing and overcoming fear – affronter et surmonter la peur
refusing to be its “slaves” – refuser d’être ses “esclaves”
courageously breaking free – s’en libérer courageusement…

take care, stay healthy and have a joyful weekend!🙂

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Posted on 3 July 2020, in melanie. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Un abbraccio affettuoso grazie di cuore per il tuo saluto al mio blog. Un piacere inatteso. Mi auguro che tu sia con i tuoi cari in buona salute dopo questo lungo orribile tempo di pandemia. Shera❤🥂

  2. So sorry! I made a mistake and deleted your kind message, Melanie! Good to reconnect with you and to know that you and yours are healthy and doing great. 1000 Merci to you as well and stay strong! 🙂

  3. Nature’s miracles in beautiful colors! Bravo!

  4. Bonsoir Mélanie,

    ce sont d’excellents encouragements que tu nous donnes. Je te reconnais bien là… Bonne soirée à toi, Mo

  5. Send you hugs & bisous, Melanie, have a wonderful weekend! Leslie xoxo

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