(welcome) November – month of our 2nd “lockdown”…

“Watch this day carefully, since it is life itself; all the realities and truths of lifetime, the splendor of action, the glory of energy take place during its brief existence. For ‘yesterday’ is just a memory, and ‘tomorrow’ only a prospect, but if well lived, ‘today’ turns every ‘yesterday’ into a moment of happiness, and each ‘tomorrow’ into a vision of HOPE. Therefore, enjoy this present day to the fullest!”(Sanskrit wisdom)

last days of October on the French-Catalan coast, between the Mediterranean and the Pyrénées: Port-Vendres, Collioure, Banyuls, Cerbère & French-Spanish border…

novembre – mois de not’ 2e reconfinement… “Observez attentivement ce jour puisque c’est la vie même; dans son bref parcours on retrouve toutes les réalités et les vérités de l’existence, la splendeur de l’action, la gloire de l’énergie. Car ‘hier’ n’est qu’un souvenir, et ‘demain’ seulement une perspective, mais aujourd’hui bien vécu fait de chaque ‘hier’ un moment de bonheur, et de chaque ‘demain’ une vision de l’ESPOIR. Par conséquent, profitez à fond de ce jour-ci!”(sagesse sanskrite)

have a serene month, stay healthy and safe, brave and optimistic, guys!

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  1. Remember back in Febuary – March this year when this all seemed a bit like a weird dream? Ah… the good ol’ days.

    Stay safe my dear friend, and look after yourself.

  2. Excellent, as always! Thanks so much! Take care! 🙂

  3. Lovely photos Melanie, thank you for sharing. I felt like I was there. Have a wonderful weekend. Leslie xoxo ❤

  4. Bonjour Mélanie,

    la sagesse sanskrite sera observée… 🙂 Bises, Mo

  5. I am enjoying my day to the fullest looking at these beautiful images. Stay strong.

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