avec et sans masque…

avec et sans masque – with and without mask
rouge, jaune, vert – red, yellow, green
symbolique étrange – odd symbolism…
notre réalité actuelle – our current reality
entre la nonchalance de l’été – between Summer’s nonchalance
et le confinement de l’hiver – and Winter’s lockdown…
rien ne bouge – nothing moves
le silence partout – silence all over
la vie entre parenthèses – life between brackets…
fragilité du présent – present’s frailty
les priorités d’hier – yesterday’s priorities
semblent futiles aujourd’hui – seem to be vain today…
la VIE seule est éternelle – LIFE alone is eternal
tandis que ses expressions – while its expressions
sont éphémères ou transitoires – are ephemeral or transient…

mon état d’esprit – my state of mind:

“There’s a pressure to always be positive, to be seen happy and excited. Life is beautiful, but it’s also tough sometimes, and it’s entirely acceptable to feel the whole width of this. Happiness and sadness carry equal value, and I think we’d be better off if we started treating it that way. Some days, I’m strong enough to scale the walls and make my way out; some days, I fall back and go beneath the water; I scream from the bottom of that ocean and just hope someone hears. Life challenges us every day, and sticking with someone else through all that is tough, still, it’s worth it; my advice: be someone worth staying for!”(Tyler Knott Gregson)

soyez prudents et vigilants! bonne santé et bon courage à TOUS!

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Posted on 19 November 2020, in melanie. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Wonderful text and great set of autumn photos! Thank you, Mélanie! ❤

  2. Il faut garder notre courage, Mélanie. Leslie xoxo

  3. Quel joli texte bilingue, Mélanie!

  4. Perfect quote for these strange times. La vie entre parenthèses… tellement.

  5. Lovely to see all your foliage arrangements and your walks gathered together here to illustrate your poignant words.

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