Qu’avez-VOUS appris cette année?…

“Apprendre” est toujours un verbe au présent et la vie nous “pousse” souvent à être motivés et avoir envie d’élargir nos connaissances. L’enthousiasme et la joie sont simplement “contagieux”, pas “enseignés”! Cette année, j’ai appris que notre existence n’est pas déterminée par sa durée, mais par la façon dont nous essayons de la vivre BIEN, et encore une fois: notre santé est notre seule richesse! Parfois notre vie peut ressembler à un “RV aléatoire” ou à un boomerang, pourtant, il n’est jamais (trop) tard pour nous améliorer et garder confiance en nous; POURQUOI? – parce que si nous pensons compter ou de dépendre des autres pour nous rendre heureux ou pour faire quoi que ce soit à notre place, nous risquons d’être infiniment déçus! Notre plus grand défi actuel est de choisir ce qui est vraiment VITAL, absolument nécessaire et faire de notre mieux afin de rester sain et sauf. Nous devrions regarder en arrière seulement pour qqchose de positif, d’utile, en nous rappelant que l’apitoiement sur soi est une perte de notre temps précieux, et, que la confiance en soi est le principal (f)acteur de toutes les relations humaines… Bonnes Fêtes de fin d’année et un 2021 optimiste à tous!

What have YOU learned this year?… Learning is always in session and life often “urges” us to be eager and motivated to increase our knowledge. Enthusiasm and joy are simply “caught”, not “taught”. This year, I’ve learned that our lifetime is not determined by how long we live, but how WELL we try to live it, and once again: our health is our only wealth! Sometimes our life may look like a “blind date” or a boomerang, yet, it’s never (too) late to improve ourselves and to keep our self-confidence; WHY? – ’cause if we plan to rely or depend on others to make us happy or to do anything in our place, we may be endlessly disappointed! Our current greatest challenge is choosing what’s really ESSENTIAL, absolutely necessary, doing our best to stay healthy and safe. We should look back just for something positive and useful, recalling that self-pity is a waste of our precious time, and, self-trust is the main (f)actor of all human relationships… Merry Holidays and an optimistic 2021, guys!

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  1. Fie ca sărbătorile de anul acesta să vă umple sufletul de bucurie, încredere, speranţă şi iubire! Sărbatori fericite!

  2. Merry Holidays, Melanie. Celebrate a New Year that is enjoyable and safe!

  3. Lovely post! Joyeux Noël, Mélanie!

  4. Our health is our wealth! I like that a lot and it’s so important.

  5. I started a diet and exercise program when quarantine loomed on the horizon. At 83 I am healthier, thinner and more physically fit than I have been in twenty years. I surprised my five children as an extrovert by taking to isolation like a duck to water and have been writing and getting published in a couple of newspapers. Love Zoom classes and face timing with my son in Cambodia. I always enjoy your posts because I find God and joy in nature and you take me places I will never get to see. Virtual travel is the next best thing to being there. I may make it back to your neck of the woods in France again because one of my sons is looking for a place to retire and has invited me to go with him. Age has its challenges, but also its gifts. Asking blessings for you and your loved ones as we celebrate the coming of the Love of God expressed in Jesus.

  6. I have discovered the beauty of Monet’s garden, Melanie. He’s inspired me to paint many pictures of it. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. Leslie xoxo ❤

  7. Déjà, subir la pandémie actuelle sans désespérer… Bon dimanche à toi! Mo

  8. @’Our biggest challenge today is choosing what is truly VITAL, absolutely necessary and do our best to stay safe.’ This is so true. And this year I have learned again the truth of this Maori proverb:

    ‘He aha te mea nui o te ao? – What is the most important thing in the world?
    He tangata, he tangata, he tangata! – It’s the people, the people, the people!’

    I also wish you an optimistic 2021.

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