Once again, I’d like to thank those of you who have emailed me these past weeks; I’ve been fine, vaccinated for almost 3 months now, and just back from the stunning Asturias region aka “Spanish Brittany”!

Playa de Guadamia, Bufones de Pria & Playa de Cuevas del Mar – Asturias, Northern Spain.

I’m gonna sort out my pictures, then, gonna keep sharing with you some other quaint and lovely spots we’ve just visited; meanwhile: have a pleasant weekend and take care, folks; wish you: health, courage, optimism!🥰

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  1. “health, courage, optimism”

    Le Trifecta!

    Je parle français…

    Well, I used to—just enough to get me into proper trouble anyhow….

  2. Such spectacular scenery!

  3. O placere sa te revedem în locurile vizitate; numai bine, Mélanie!

  4. Nada como disfrutar de la naturaleza agreste sin tener que preocuparse del covid. Las fotos están magníficas y son el claro testimonio de que les fue muy bien en España. Los paisajes son abrumadoramente hermosos. Bien por ustedes.

  5. My son and I were planning a trip in September to Barcelona and the surrounding area, but the Covid count seems to be climbing rapidly and restrictions are starting, so we will postpone until Spring and hope. Really looking forward to your photos, so we can possibly add some areas to our plans. Glad you are well and have been out and about. Covid really has made us aware of the blessings of the freedom to travel!

    • Thanx for your kind comment, Ma’am! Barcelona, which is about 4h-drive from Toulouse, and all Catalunya have had a high covid rate these past weeks, alas, as most young people haven’t observed the current rules: mask and 2m-physical distance! 😦 Northern Spain is completely different from the South, and I highly recommend it.

  6. You must be so happy to be travelling again!

    • Spain is kinda next door to us, and we’d already planned to visit its Atlantic coast last year, but… we still look forward to the opening of the US & Japan borders for the Europeans!

  7. it’s very rugged terrain Melanie, thank you for sharing. Leslie xoxo

  8. Good news and a lovely vacation spot, Melanie! Congrats!

  9. Thanks for reminding us of a great time we had on the Asturian coast – but that was many years ago. Wishing you a happy weekend! The Fab Four of Cley 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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