23°C, but… water temperature only 16°C!

several shades of Atlantic blue and emerald @ Playa de La Concha de Artedo, Asturias, Spain

hummin’ with Phil Collins:“Oh, think twice, it’s another day for you and me in paradise…”🎵🎶

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  1. Looks inviting. (Too hot here in Texas right now)

  2. Chère Mélanie,

    C’est de la vraie télépathie car en regardant loin en arrière, j’ai trouvé ton nom et me suis promis de venir te dire bonjour. Comment vivez-vous ces moments objectivement difficiles? merci pour tes pensées. je t’embrasse!🦋🌺

    A Rome 35°C!!!

    • Ciao bella ragazza! Grazie mille per la tua visita e il tuo commento carino; stiamo bene, vaccinati per 3 mesi, ma… frustrati e rattristati per non poter viaggiare negli USA e in Giappone, perché i loro confini sono ancora chiusi agli europei, ahimè! Abbiamo appena trascorso quasi 2 settimane nel nord della Spagna: Asturias e Cantabria – magnifiche (vedi le mie ultime pubblicazioni); qui il tempo è abbastanza gradevole: 25-27 °C. Buona salute e pensieri amichevoli, a presto!

  3. It does look like paradise Melanie, thank you for sharing. Leslie xoxo

  4. Delightful temp for a swim on a hot day! You run in, get numb and then come out and warm up in the sun. That’s how we did it in New England!

  5. Beautiful to look at but not quite warm enough for swimming. Not for me anyway.

  6. Even I would be too much of a sissy to swim in that temperature!

  7. It’s funny, we have the same temperatures here right now. In the sea behind our house it was 17 degrees and the outside temperature was 24 degrees in the morning. We stayed for half a year in your area years ago. We had rented a house just 15 min. from the beach. We were looking for a place to stay after returning to Europe from living many years in Montreal. Thanks for sharing! The Fab Four of Cley

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