Palma de Mallorca and its blended architectural styles…

The sunny capital of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands is located in a wide bay; its lanes form a real maze where it’s fun to get lost; most of its churches and monuments have a warm ocher color – “the Arab influence oblige”, while the modern façades and lovely patios of the homes of the rich Mallorcan families remind us that Barcelona, Spain is less than 1/2h-flight(about 250km); N.B. Catalan and Castilian Spanish are the two official languages of the Balearic archipelago.

Palma de Mallorca is also the city loved by the famous French-Polish composer Frédéric Chopin and Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin – best known as George Sand, the French novelist and his lover; during their short time in Mallorca, Chopin and Sand created some of their most prolific works, although both were deeply unhappy at the time. However, Chopin wrote:”How great a joy I feel in my heart. That a day so pleasant, so dear and glorious begins, a day that I greet with the wish. That long years may pass in happiness, in health and vigour, peacefully, successfully. May the gift of heaven fall richly upon you!”

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  1. It really does look sublime.

  2. If Chopin liked it, we surely will, too. That is another place I wish to see, Melanie; thank you for sharing. Leslie xoxo

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