back home from Mallorca island…

… and enjoyin’ October’s latest days, lettin’ the sunshine in ’cause:”The warm sun charges life with glory, and makes me breathe deep and rejoice.”(Laura L. Livingstone)

such a pleasant emotion to feel that dazzling sunshine on my shoulders, while my soul delights in October’s unique light; this month is my favourite “color” with its magical shades of ephemeral joy…🍂🍁💓

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Posted on 24 October 2021, in melanie. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. There’s no place like home, Melanie. The sun is out here too today. I’m heading out to the garden to trim back the roses, so they don’t get damaged in the winter winds. Have a wonderful week ahead! Leslie xoxo

    • Yeah, it’s fine to be at home, but life is also a journey and we love to travel! 🙂 guess what: we had only 2°C in the morning and… 20°C in the afternoon!!! MERCI et une semaine formidable, chère Leslie! ❤

      • Good to travel while you still can, Melanie. My husband is no longer able to do so, and it’s no fun without him. What a variance in temperatures! Hopefully we’ll have a gentle winter. Leslie xoxo

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