“Les fleurs nous offrent leur vie…”

“Les fleurs nous offrent leur vie… Auprès d’elles, tout semble n’avoir aucune valeur. Quiconque comprend la vie aime les fleurs et leurs caresses innocentes.”(Auguste Rodin)

“Flowers give their lives to us… Near them, everything seems to be of no value. Whoever understands life loves flowers and their innocent caresses.”(Auguste Rodin)

Balearic flowers @ Mallorca island – pix taken last month

Je prends toujours des photos de fleurs lors de mes voyages, et je me demande souvent: peut-on imaginer ou concevoir ce que serait not’ vie sans fleurs? – question rhétorique, évidemment!

I always take pictures of flowers during my trips, and I often wonder: can we imagine or figure out what our life would be without flowers?”- rhetorical question, of course!

May your favourite flowers grow in your heart daily, pals!

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Posted on 23 November 2021, in melanie. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. They are beautiful flowers, glimpses of nice places. I am happy for your visit, Mélanie, and happy to know you are well. I am a bit distanced from the digital and the social world besides work. Wishing you a nice winter there! ^_^

  2. They are gorgeous Melanie. I can see two rose buds remain on the bushes outside. I’m going to pick them and let them blossom inside. They have such a lovely scent too. Leslie xoxo

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