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Corsican flowers, triple eucalyptus and…

“arbutus” aka “strawberry tree” – very common in Corsica whose bland fruits are used to make jams, marmalades and liqueurs… 🙂

N.B. l’arbousier aka “arbre-à-fraises” dont le fruit au goût fade est appelé “arbouse” est très courant en Corse; on en fait des confitures, des marmelades et des liqueurs… 🙂

coucher du soleil en Corse – Corsican sunset…

Sunset Love… – Ashley Dickerson

Your love is like a sunset: wild, bright and true.
The colours blend together, forming a magical hue.
The breeze’s warm caress is slipping through the air,
just as though your fingers would be slipping through my hair…
I sit and watch this sunset, knowing it soon will fade away,
thinking of you and waiting ’til we will be together again…
Slowly now it’s going, coming to its end,
Darkness may be closing in, but my craving for you has just begun,
For now I can go home, into my cosy room, lie on my bed,
and close my eyes, fall asleep and dream of you…

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”Close your eyes, close the door,
You don’t have to worry any more,
‘Cause I’ll be your baby tonight…
Shut the light, shut the shade
You don’t have to be afraid
Kick your shoes off
And don’t you fear
Bring that bottle over here
‘Cause I’ll be your baby tonight…”(Norah Jones)
* * *
Norah Jones – I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight… 🙂

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