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“Complete friendship is universal…”

motto:”Complete friendship is universal and only this one can be absolute. Any other particular bond lacks of profoundness – if it doesn’t open up to THE universal friendship.”(Jean Guitton)

🙂 “je te donne toutes mes différences…” – JJ Goldman & Michael Jones:

I’ve always liked the realm of words… I think love, friendship and tolerance have a universal language, there’s an inextricable and invisible link between them… it helps us out to learn and to understand our fellows via their ideas, their sensibilities, their specific emotions that characterize each country, nation, culture, civilization… Friendship is a vital treasure of our life, just like our health… 🙂 A funny, but realistic saying:”we can choose (and preserve!) our friends, but not our family, relatives and neighbors!” 🙂 I’ve had the same friends for “ages”, here in France or elsewhere in Europe, North America, Asia. We keep in touch and we meet as often as possible. It’s not that easy, but we all do our best and we usually make it! 🙂 I’ve been to Spain several times(proximité “oblige!”) and I’ve noticed that olive trees would grow almost everywhere… I’m inclined to compare friendship to a centennial olive tree standing against all odds, remaining solid and constant, in spite of the tough weather conditions and high temperature differences. Genuine friendship does grow year after year, just like the roots of an “old” olive tree: strong and long-lasting, with the ups and downs of the daily life…

I did feel at home @ my Japanese friends’ house and @ the ranch of my Icelandic friends(sheep and horse raisers): they did prove that true friendship could start up even in the most secluded and most unlikely land(s)… I can’t speak Icelandic or Japanese, but my friends do speak English, so our friendly relationship has become universal, borderless, and spiritually rewarding… 🙂

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We all know if and when we need each other’s attention, presence or comprehension. I’ve been honored, grateful to have met my friends – wonderful, generous and hospitable people in my life, priceless gifts in case of any storms, hurricanes, earthquakes or tsunami(s): it’s great to rely upon them 24/24… 🙂 Our inner feelings that “connect” us are being mutual, as built up of: affection, honesty, trust, loyalty, consistency, devotion, respect, freedom to be ourselves. Our moral strength gets regenerated every time we meet again, or whenever we talk on the phone or we email each other. We encourage and we support each other, we relativize and we look at the bright side of everything, we laugh together and sometimes at ourselves, as well – with the same generous spirit and the same feelings that have “linked” us for years… last but not least: we also tell each other what we don’t like to hear – clear and obvious evidence of our selfless, unconditional and loving friendship… which seems to be a fir tree or a pine tree – resisting and surviving at high altitude throughout long and harsh winters, always standing up until the end of time… Life does prepare other “surprises” for us – pleasant or not, but we’re already aware that nothing can destroy deeply rooted friendships and their warm stems that hold us tied-up like 2 arms – if we need to be listened to, encouraged, comforted – today or in the future… 🙂

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“Each day is different, precious, essential, worthy…”

“No one else has access to the world you carry around within yourself; you are its custodian and entrance. No one else can see the world the way you see it or feel your life the way you feel it. Your soul alone knows the geography of your destiny; it has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey. Each day is different, precious, essential, worthy; your life becomes the shape of the days you inhabit.”(“Anam Cara” by John O’Donohue, Irish philosopher, poet and scholar)

from our backyard to you all, wishing you my very best: health, courage, patience…

N.B. “Anam” is the Irish word for “soul” and “Ċara” is the word for “friend”; in the Anam-Ċara friendship, you were joined in an ancient way with the friend of your soul. This was a bond that neither space nor time could damage, awakened an eternal echo in the hearts of the friends; they entered into a circle of intimate belonging with each other. The Anam-Ċara friendship afforded a spiritual space to all the other longings of the human heart. Both the Celts and the Irish believed that everyone, either directly or on a more subconscious level, sought to find their “soul mate” throughout their life. Without an “anam cara”, they could never be fully understood or seen as they really are; thus, anyone who has, at least, an “anam cara”, has reached that most sacred place called HOME…

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