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21 juin 2021 – Joyeux solstice d’été!

excellent état d’esprit:”Je suis le Don Quichotte de l’irréalité. Chaque matin, dès que je me réveille, j’éprouve une joie exquise d’être Salvador Dalí – et je me demande avec ravissement: quelles choses merveilleuses vais-je accomplir aujourd’hui?”(Salvador Dalí)

excellent mindset:“I am the Don Quixote of unreality. Every morning when I wake up, I experience an exquisite joy of being Salvador Dalí — and I ask myself in rapture: what wonderful things am I going to accomplish today?”(Salvador Dalí)

Merry summer solstice and have a fine week, guys!

Costa Brava, Catalunya, Spain – olé!

less than 3h-drive from Toulouse; last Monday, the French-Spanish borders opened to tourists with “vaccination certificate” – so, we’ve just spent 5 days on the quaint Catalan coast we’ve liked for decades;

photos taken @ Roses, El Port de la Selva, Cap de Vol, Llança

Together greet life’s solemn real.
Together own one glad ideal,
Together laugh, together ache,
And think one thought-‘Each other’s sake’
And hope in a new-world weather,
To still go on, and go together.”(Nancy Horan – “Loving Frank”)

N.B. since this morning, in France, facial masks are no longer mandatory outside, BUT they’ll have to be worn whenever physical distancing can’t be observed.

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