Hey Noël-Santa, make an educated guess, please!:-)

Hi Santa-Noël! 🙂

I’ve decided to write you publicly, knowing that you’re telepathic and paranormal, another faithful and constant reader of my blog(LOL!), even up there among the white sugar clouds… 🙂 I guess you’ll land on December 25th, as usually, but there’s no way to meet you, so we’re gonna miss each other again, ’cause it’s a question of “timing” and mutual priorities… btw, do you know the origin of your name, do you have an ID card or a passport?… what about those tons of gifts you offer to the 4 corners of the world, do you pay them with a visa card and if so, what’s your bank, is it somewhere, in a ‘tax free haven’?… since we’ve had “Saint Internet”, you can change or modify your identity, your qualifications, the license plate of your sled, etc… I’d like you to come from Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, reckoned to be the least corrupted countries in the world! 🙂

O.K. all this month you’re extremely busy with supplying your stores, choosing your reindeer and their bells, fixing your large bags, sorting gifts, quality checking-out, and plenty of other “stuff”… your list is longer than certain blogrolls! 🙂 if I ever come across you face to face this year, I think we’ll both ask the same question:”do we like each other or do we cordially ‘hate’ each other…?!” 🙂 everyone knows that you’re fond of kids, in general and of their parents’ wallets, in particular… 😉 here we go again with the same paradox this year: anxious and excited children look forward to meeting you, they await the moment you bring them the presents they’ve dreamed of for months, mostly ordered “on line” these past years… their eyes will shine and their hearts will beat very fast, some of them will even refuse to go to bed on December 24th… 🙂 

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Come on, Mr. Santa X-mas, be realistic, fair and honest once a year: will you admit that you do wish December gone as quickly as possible?! 🙂 in your bright mind of timeless “grand-pa”, you must often tell yourself that December 25th has lost its original meaning and significance, it’s turned into a simply commercial and food day… know what? I do refuse to step into this “vicious circle”, I’ll let you dance alone or with some celebrities… 🙂 oh, before boarding for your 24h-flight, remember to set your time and records straight, for each meridian, put winter and summer clothes in your luggage to be able to switch from one season to another… 🙂 meanwhile, try to stay healthy like a “highlander” and have a cool trip to all your destinations! oh, if we ever run into each other, I promise to help you with your gifts – deal, Mr Santa?… 😉

last but not least: watch out and over your landing gear, do avoid going down into chimneys, use a door or a window @ the 1st floor… why?! – well, you may land upon a bed where a gorgeous female creature sleeps… and there, you may get into trouble – kinda huge dilemma, dude: you’ll be tempted to wake her up and you’ll get ‘stuck’ on the spot… 😉 or you’ll stoically resist your inner cravings and you’ll take off through her fireplace… 🙂 take care, have a safe flight & smooth landings everywhere… see you soon and a virtual hug, ageless young man! 😉 P.S. I do understand you never have time to reply all the letters you receive, so I won’t mind… see you next year! 


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  1. Melanie you are such a lovely person. Your personality shines, and your writing shows you to be such an inspiring, fun and caring person. I’m absolutely delighted I found your blog. xxx

  2. Fantastic blog Melanie, you covered everything I wanted to say out loud, except Christmas protocol and the fear of being Scrooge with seven grandchildren, holds me back. Baa Humbug! Emu

  3. Hi Melanie,
    Thank you for your hearty words and wishes. I wish you a very special Merry Christmas with a lot of good experiences. There is an old German saying: Flowers make a garden not the fence. Let’s go on making the internet a garden 😉 Ulli

  4. for me Santa is there very close to you so, tell him I’m here I’m waiting… and I’ve been a good girl this year! nice view… merry christmas and a happy new year!

  5. Merry Christmas, Melanie!

  6. Wishing you wonderful holidays, Melanie, and good health and prosperity in the New Year!

  7. This made me smile! Happy holidays! Besitos y abrazitos!

  8. Hilarious, you really are very playful and fun, babe.

  9. What fun Melanie! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

  10. This entry tickled me. Thanks for the delight.

  11. Joyeux Noël à toi, à vous, ainsi qu’à tous ceux qui vous sont chers! Paix, Joie, Santé et Bonheur! ❤ 🙂

  12. Rick is a total Grinch. I like Christmas Lights, music and cozy fireplace settings. But even holiday lights these days are so commercialized. Hastily tacked on to the house without rhyme or reason. Where is the art of earlier days? Though I did see one creative display. A partial string of lights that were being pulled into a bag by the Grinch.

    We do not celebrate it at home, though I do send presents to my grandson.The way I get my xmas fix is spending a weekend in Saint Augustine. It has all the elements I desire.

    Loved your Santa letter!

  13. Merry Merry Christmas my dear friend Melanie!!! Cheers to you and your family!!! xoxo

  14. Your letter to Santa made me smile! I also wonder does he have a passport or better yet, does he have to go through customs (wink, wink)! 🙂 Another awesome set of pictures yet again – love the climbing Santas! 😉

  15. I like the fact that there is no age to write to Santa 🙂 me too, I like to write my wishes at the end of the year. Merry Christmas to you and to your family, Mélanie! Buon Natale!

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