December 6th – Merry Saint Nicholas Day!🙂

“Winter holidays wave a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything looks softer and more beautiful.”(Norman Vincent Peale)

N.B. Both the American “Santa Claus”, as well as the British “Father Christmas”, derive from Saint Nicholas; “Santa Claus” comes in part from the Dutch “Sinterklaas”. However, the gift offering related to these figures is associated with Christmas Day rather than Saint Nicholas Day itself.

But in Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine and Romania, children typically set their cleaned shoes on the windowsill or at the front door during the evening of Decemebr 5th. By next morning, Nikolaus – Mikulás in Hungary, or Moş Nicolae in Romania – leaves candies & small gifts, or a little stick for the naughty kids, called “nuieluşǎ” in Romanian.

I hope you’ve been good all year long, so you’ll get presents from Saint Nicky, not a stick! Meanwhile, have a nice Monday and an optimistic week, pals!😁

“Another month, and life proceeds…”

“Another month, and life proceeds
across its sea of wants and needs;
and I afloat, or so it seems,
upon a raft of hopes and dreams.”(Robert Brault)

Have a merry December, stay healthy and safe, guys!

N.B. “Occasionally, it’s necessary to remind yourself of what you most cherish in life and ask yourself what you did today to cherish it. For every day spent striving toward some far-off goal is to achieve the real one – which is to spend our days happily.”(Robert Brault)

Btw, you may have noticed that cheerful people are often in movement and go somewhere, BUT they seldom know where they head for, and what they’ll do when they get “there”… Well, inspite of our daily “obstacles”, let’s always move on with an optimistic mindset and lenient self-mockery!

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