“Romance is…

loving with every drop of yourself and never expecting a single drop in exchange…”(Tyler Knott Gregson)

“Why do you love me?
Who am I to deserve it?
Why have you chosen me?”

“When you reach for me,
across the dark loneliness,
you bring me back home.”

“When your heart sinks low,
I’ll soothe the day from you,
they’ll steal sorrow.”

“Take from me all things,
for they’ve always been yours,
waiting to find you.”

* * *
images by Yang Se Eun aka Zipcy – a young Korean artist who explores concepts of love in her artwork: https://zipcy.myportfolio.com/

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“We celebrate love
every day we’re alive;
this is only one.”

“I’m drawn to your wild,
to the raging storm in you.
I’m soaked in your rain.”

“Set this life on fire,
there’s no one else but you
I’d rather burn with.”
* * *
N.B. Tyler Knott Gregson is a young and talented poet in love – author, photographer, Buddhist and a “chaser of the light”. He describes himself in just a few words:”I write ‘stuff’ and photograph things, and go places, and see people.” Every day for the past 6 years, he’s written a simple heartfelt haiku about LOVE and ‘raw poems’, capturing the rich texture of his daily life. Btw, he’s become famous over the internet not for his looks or clothes but for his beautiful words. His 10 best love poems @ https://www.theodysseyonline.com/tyler-knott-gregson-love-poems
* * *
Have a loving and lovely weekend, folks! ❤ 🙂


THE familiar ‘spell’ called ‘procrastination’…:-)

“Without really noticing it, procrastination ‘helps’ us accomplish less and less ‘stuff’. It also slows down our progress, as we gradually spend more time fraught with indecision and experiencing brain fog. We’re tied up with deadlines, meetings, commitments, targets, and everything else that makes our life difficult. But here we are, struck with indecision and contemplating how to approach our giant to-do list as if we had the all the time in the world. The moment we have a massive and determined instinct to act on a goal, we must act on in it immediately, instead of wasting time with things that do not take us closer to the next milestones ahead of us. Otherwise, our brain will start leaning towards procrastination. The key here is to end the indecision cycle by activating the proper parts of our brain.”(Mel Robbins – CNN reporter)
* * *
it’s true and obvious that we lack time to do plenty of things, but we do have enough time to do the most important one(s) – it’s simply a matter of desire… so, just do it, don’t procrastinate, ’cause sometimes “later” may turn into “never”! 🙂 N.B. images from hitRECordJoe.org

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“Sans trop s’en rendre compte, la procrastination nous ‘aide’ à accomplir de moins en moins de choses. Elle ralentit aussi notre progression, comme nous passons de plus en plus de temps dans l’indécision, le cerveau embrouillé. Nous sommes contraints par des échéances, des réunions, des engagements, des objectifs, etc. et tout ça nous rend la vie pénible. Mais nous y voilà, coincés par l’indécision et en train de nous demander comment aborder notre liste énorme avec des choses à faire, comme si nous avions tout le temps du monde. Au moment même où nous avons l’instinct profond et déterminé d’agir sur un objectif, nous devons le faire aussitôt, au lieu de gâcher notre temps avec des choses qui ne nous rapprochent pas des étapes suivantes. Par ailleurs, notre cerveau va se tourner vers la procrastination. La solution est de mettre fin au cycle de l’hésitation, en activant les parties adéquates de notre cerveau.”(Mel Robbins – reporter de CNN)
* * *
c’est vrai et évident qu’on manque de temps pour “tout” faire, mais on en a tjs assez pour faire LE plus important – c’est simplement une question d’envie… du coup, allez-y, ne faites pas traîner les choses, car parfois “plus tard” peut devenir “jamais”! 🙂

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