Nā Pali(high cliffs) coast – Kauai the Magnificent…:-)

scarred shoulders of an ancient shield volcano where life and death merge together between refreshing waterfalls and bubbling streams… the ocean is extremely tempting here as Na Pali coast’s currents have always been “invisible killers”… the reef is especially tricky to navigate whenever the trade winds blow strong and the risk of being shipwrecked might appeal to some “romantics”, but if actually “realized”, it would surely be a terrible nightmare… almost everything looks huge and surreal, kinda a “Jurassic Park” mystic feeling, with a hobbit-like valley, you watch everywhere, expecting a flying pterodactyl or a giant dinosaur to swoop down from the cliffs at any moment… I suddenly recalled James Bond, riding in a red chopper throughout this seaside in “the man with the golden gun”… :)

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the crystal-clear cascades rush into the ocean’s electric green or dark blue with a gushing sound… glowing beams of light come out through the ceiling’s hole like a bolt of lightning that creates a glass circle within the water… you think of fairy tales and you expect to see mermaids swimming across the mysterious winter waves or sitting along the rocks… a magical display of stunning and blended colors over a palette of a perfect artist – from deep cobalt blue to all shades of emerald-green or gray, all continuously changing… Lady Nature’s peace draws a real spellbinding glimpse and a slight taste of paradise with fragrant scent of wild ginger flowers and the rhythmic beat of the amazing Pacific Ocean… isolation and attraction, sacred and primal altars on staggering planet Earth – a heavenly natural wonder to explore… :)
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have a fairytale weekend, guys! :)   

une rivière coule à l’est… – a river runs east…:-)

motto:”Je suis hanté par les eaux… finalement, toutes les choses fusionnent en une seule, et au milieu coule une rivière.”(Norman Maclean)

de temps en temps, notre vie devient littérature – pendant assez longtemps pour que nous soyons en mesure de nous en souvenir, et assez souvent pour que nous puissions comprendre que notre existence est faite de moments tendus et inévitables, avec des complications, des bas et des points culminants, comme si elle avait été juste “fabriquée” et non pas expérimentée ou vécue… dès le lever du soleil lumineux et parfois voilé, nous pouvons aimer inconditionnellement ce que nous ne pouvons pas saisir à fond… mais je sais que s’il fallait, tu déplacerais des montagnes, des volcans, des îles et tu détournerais des rivières pour moi… tu es une douce brise au-dessus du ruisseau de mes jours dont la source jaillit de ton cœur en cristal de roche… <3
* * *
voici la paisible, sinueuse et sacrée rivière Wailua: Kauai est la seule île hawaïenne avec une rivière navigable située à l’est. Très pittoresque, avec des rives ombragées, elle a servi de décor pour 2 films:”Reef Donovan” avec John Wayne et “Outbreak” avec Dustin Hoffman. Un endroit merveilleux où j’ai fredonné:”cry me a river!” :)   

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motto:“I’m haunted by waters… Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”(Norman Maclean)

every now and then our life turns into literature – long enough to be able to remember, and often enough so that what we eventually come to realize that our existence is full of tense and inevitable moments, with some complications, ups and downs – as if it had just been “made” and not happened or experienced… from the very bright but not always clear dawn, we can love unconditionally what we can’t thoroughly perceive… but I do know that if necessary, you’d move mountains, volcanoes, islands and you’d turn away rivers for me… you’re a gentle breeze over the stream of my days whose fountainhead springs out from your rock crystal heart… <3 
* * *
N.B. the winding, calm and sacred Wailua river: Kauai is the only Hawaiian island with a navigable river situated on its east side. Its scenic waterway with shady banks served as the filming location of “Donovan’s Reef” with John Wayne and “Outbreak” with Dustin Hoffman. A wonderful spot where I kept on humming:”cry me a river!” :)


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