maison du cassoulet – bon appétit & cheers!:-)

motto:“Chaque nation aime sa cuisine. Elle la considère comme la meilleure de toutes. Chacune a raison, car elle ne peut s’en passer.”(Édouard de Pomiane)

– salade de magret de canard fumé et foie-gras;
– cassoulet au confit de canard et jarret de porc;
– magret de canard au foie-gras poêlé;
– pommes-de-terre croustillantes cuisinées dans la graisse de canard;
– moelleux au chocolat noir nappé de crème anglaise;
– sorbets de framboise et citron;
– Fronton – vin rouge régional.

* * *

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motto:“Every nation loves its gastronomy, considered to be the best of all. Each one is right, because it can’t live without it.”(Édouard de Pomiane)

– smoked duck breast and foie-gras;
– cassoulet with duck thigh and pork hock;
– duck breast with “fried” foie-gras;
– crispy potatoes cooked in duck fat;
– dark chocolate ‘fondant’ with ‘crème anglaise’;
– raspberry and lemon sorbets;
– Fronton – regional red wine.

* * *
N.B. UNESCO declared the French cuisine ‘world intangible heritage’ in 2010; the experts singled out French gastronomy as a “social custom aimed at celebrating the most important moments in the lives of individuals and groups”. Yesss! :)

my flowers are tired of the long hot summer…

with one exception: THE sunflower… :)

feelings fall like moonbeams into my memories and their soft light illuminates my pathway to you… time has lost its dimension for a moment, to let me fly away with my dream to an imaginary place, with no barriers or obstacles, where all begins and never ends… I’d like to listen to the melody of your indestructible and immortal heart, with the same constant desire… I can smell the scent of my beautiful flowers, and I think true beauty is never objective, but it’s inside us, the one that makes life and things appear wonderful… their petals open up after each caress of the generous sun, and I better understand the Eastern philosophy that compares our arms to lotus stems and our hands to their flowers, floating across the lake…

whenever we’re in love, our atoms and molecules disintegrate, and turn into “flesh and blood” – like a new star, spinning and dancing among the constellations of our signs… and there, its flame consumes everything, and spreads its light over the words, connected to a flight of deep emotions, where truth is more fantastic and more incredible than any fiction… I’ll wait for dawn to chase away any apprehension, still believing that life is a love poem we write daily, yet understood by us alone… our mind is mostly the source of our joy that leads to happiness, and both will let themselves be found if we are prepared to accept, to receive, to appreciate them… love dwells hidden within our unconsciousness – the only one able to ignore oblivion and to look down on years and space… it will burn FREELY like triple Polaris in Ursa Minor, since freedom does not involve and is never synonymous with irresponsibility, it’s simply our birth right…

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The long hot summer… – Jimmie Rodgers

The long hot summer seems to know everytime you’re near.
And the sound of a breeze
seems to stir all the trees
and a bird wants to please my ear…
The long hot summer seems to know what a flirt you are.
Seems to know your caress
isn’t mine to possess…
How could someone possess a star?…
Then you may long for me long before the Fall,
long before the winds announce that winter’s come to call…
And meanwhile I’ll court you, and meanwhile I’ll kiss you,
Meanwhile my lonely arms will hold you strong,
And meanwhile the long hot Summer slowly moves along…
* * *
N.B.”The Long Hot Summer” movie script was written for the famous couple Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward, and it was based on William Faulkner’s stories:


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