some pathways may lead to wonderful poetry…:-)

is our whole life built upon words – often ‘prisoners’ inside a parlance tower?… and perchance, would any breeze rise up from it like an empty haze over the quiet desert, which one would come out first: love or poetry?… time alone will tell, but I guess LOVE… :) for more than 2000 years, it’s been said that ‘all roads lead to Rome’, but certain daily pathways may take us to lovely and unknown poems waiting for us to discover them… just as if we were looking for a needle in a haystack, we’ll probably find it via new poetry: it’s recently occurred to me with Rita Simpson, a talented Maltese poetess… :)

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Eyes of Desire in a Rainbow… – Rita Simpson

Fearful fluttering, like butterfly wings,
Guilty conscience screaming out warnings,
Quietly trembling, feelings of breathlessness,
Yearning to understand what I cannot prevent.
I gaze upon him, and the trickling fire
Runs through my veins with burning desire,
Keep a tight rein, don’t let it be known
That you’re burning inside, it shouldn’t be shown,
Yet daring to think I could beg to be touched,
Knowing full certain it would not be enough
To subdue the craving, hidden within,
Of a nightmare of need that seems almost a sin,
So powerful, so deep I can only weep.
Love is wasted, trust betrayed,
Like the promise at the end of a rainbow -
And then – the knock at the door – of hope.

we are never “lost in translation”…:-)

– Charlotte(Scarlett Johansson): I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be…
– Bob(Bill Murray): You’ll figure that out… The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.(“Lost in translation”)

nous ne sommes jamais “lost in translation”, nous communiquons dans une langue inventée et connue par nous-2, avec des mots et des symboles communs, dont les empreintes restent incrustés dans nos cœurs… il nous arrive de nous transformer en sternes arctiques et de nous envoler entre l’aube et le crépuscule, au-dessus du sentier de la vie et de l’horizon inévitable, lorsque les marées du soir caressent leurs plages de lave… cette nuit, je te dessinerai sur le corps une aurore boréale et un arc-en-ciel… je vais les colorer avec les perles salées de tes yeux et avec du jade solaire de mon regard… tu me garderas l’âme dans le creux de tes mains, tu me retiendras contre toi et tu ne me laisseras jamais repartir… nous danserons sur la musique sauvage de Björk, nous nous aimerons à travers des sagas païens, entourés et “prisonniers” des paysages émus… nos baisers nous porteront vers le royaume des glaciers éternels, “loin de la foule déchaînée”… :)
* * *
pix taken in unique Iceland last month… :)

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we are never “lost in translation”, we communicate via one language invented and known only by ourselves, with words and common symbols, whose prints stay engraved inside our hearts… we sometimes turn into arctic terns and we fly between dawn and dusk, above the pathway of life to the inevitable horizon, whilst the evening tides cuddle their lava beaches… tonight, I’ll draw one aurora borealis and one rainbow all over your body… I’ll color them with the salty pearls of your eyes and with the sunny jade of mine… you’ll keep my soul in the palm of your hands, you’ll hold me tight against your chest and you’ll never let me go again… we’ll dance to Bjork’s wild music, we’ll make love throughout pagan sagas like 2 ‘prisoners’ surrounded by emotional landscapes… our kisses will carry us to the realm of eternal glaciers – “far from the madding crowd”… :)
* * *
Björk – Joga


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