l’équinoxe d’automne – “la saison du chandail”…:-)

l’équinoxe n’est pas qu’un jour, c’est une minute pendant laquelle le soleil est à la distance la plus proche de l’équateur; pendant cette minute, le soleil traverse l’équateur depuis l’hémisphère nord vers l’hémisphère sud, mais le jour et la nuit durent exactement 12 heures – partout dans le monde… mes dernières brindilles de lavande et mes fleurs de laurier à la beauté éphémère ont courageusement affronté la canicule de cet été… en les regardant, un rêve impossible et récurrent me revient: la vie comme un éternel champ de lavande et de lauriers roses… 🙂
* * *
bon dimanche et une semaine légère, optimiste, positive… 🙂

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“sweater weather(season!)”… 🙂 the autumnal equinox isn’t just a day, it’s a minute while the sun is at the closest distance to the equator; during that minute, the sun crosses the equator from the Northern Hemisphere into the Southern Hemisphere, yet day and night last the exact same amount of time – 12 hours – everywhere across the world… my latest lavender twigs, my oleander flowers and their fleeting beauty have bravely faced this summer’s heatwave… watching them, an impossible and recurring dream shows up: life as an everlasting lavender and oleander field… 🙂 
* * *
merry and optimistic Spring equinox to my Southern Hemisphere pals! 🙂

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  1. Lovely. Happy Equinoxe to you too!

  2. We grow lots of lavender… The deer don’t eat it. 🙂 –Curt

  3. It sounds romantic, Melanie, but I don’t like where it’s leading us (winter).

  4. C’est bien l’automne d’un seul coup… Bonne soirée! Mo

  5. I have planted lots of new lavender bushes. I am hoping for a garden of lavender by 2020.

    • I may bring you some from my front-yard next year… 😉

      • A happy thought but it may not be possible. Our quarantine restrictions are unbelieveably severe. There’s lots of security at our airports but it’s not for terrorists it’s for bio-security. 😀 The sniffer dogs are also brilliantly trained and fun to watch as you go through customs and quarantine. I got stopped once because one of the dogs smelled that I had had food in my cabin luggage. The food was long gone but the dog knew that I had had bananas and apples in the bag.

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