Chinese characters – spiritual gifts from the heart…:-)

my favourite pictogram is “LOVE”… ❤ it comes from the heart with a graceful movement and a kind of inspiration; we can’t breathe without this highly spiritual emotion, ’cause it’s LIFE itself; as for “happiness”, we can get to it whenever all our energies are balanced and in full harmony; only this way, our inner self is provided with true contentment… 🙂

my virtual playground

a beloved member of my family whose nickname is ‘Indy Jones'(or Edo-san!) speaks and writes both Chinese and Japanese; he’s offered me a booklet with a few Chinese characters among which, I’ve chosen 7(my favourite digit!): peace, eternity, gentleness, love, harmony, happiness, destiny – key words in all languages! 🙂 in Chinese culture, writing is a sacred art form and it takes years to practice it and to get to express it in a personal style… Master Yang said:’words are the voice of the heart; calligraphy is its painting.’ – ’cause each written character has always had spiritual significance in Chinese thoughts…

the act of writing is seen as parallel to the universal process of creation and an embodiment of the principles that govern LIFE: our spirit alone and its energy can create ART… everything in the Universe is supposed to be linked together by a shared origin, spirit and…

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  1. So nice to see you! I don’t know the separations occur but it is nice to see an old friend. Hope you are well. 🙂

  2. That’s all we need to know, Melanie. Leslie xoxo

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